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Yoga Studio Home Page

In the studio at High Toynton, near Horncastle, Alison and Ken have spent time building up a warm and welcoming atmosphere that enhances the practice space.

The Yoga Studio

Class sizes are limited to a maximum of eight people. Large windows let in plenty of light, the warm oak floor and the wood burning stove ensure a comfortable temperature while Kenny and his large broom ensure a spotless floor.

Alison (BWY Dip.) has been teaching for 12 years, attending countless seminars with nationally acclaimed instructors. She has just concluded both an "Anatomy and Yoga" module with Gary Carter in London and an 8 month course in giving the deep relaxation practice of "Yoga Nidra" at the Satyandanda Centre in Birmingham. Through her sessions, Alison hopes to impart the ability to observe body, mind and energy as a homogeneous whole. This involves asking internal questions of oneself throughout the practise thus gaining a deeper sense of clarity and balance both physically and mentally.

The studio is set in the beautiful area of the south Lincolnshire Wolds just outside the town of Horncastle and if you choose to take one of the weekend courses, overnight stays can be arranged for you in one of the local hotels or B&B's just a few minutes drive away.

Yoga Classes: A series of regular classes held on specific evenings that will take the student through a set course of Yoga excercises leading to a fuller understanding of the mind-body link. The objective being to excercise both the mind and the body bringing about mental and physical agility through the classes.

Meditation Evenings: Through meditation it is possible to help the mind focus on theimportant things in life. All too often we tend to crowd our lives with our busy worldly thoughts, then when it becomes necessary to bring the mind to bear on a specific problem we suffer from lack of positive thought and inability to concentate our mental energies. These evening will help you train your mind to ignore the rubbish and concentrate on theimportant things.

Relaxation Classes: With much less emphasis on formal mind training, these classes are designed to help you still your mind from the everyday clutter that invades, and teach you to relax both physically and mentally helping with problems such as sleep deficit because of overactive mental processes.

Weekend Workshops: For a real yoga workout, try the planned Weekend Workshops. Bringing together a series of disciplines designed to bring the mind and body into balance through a graded series of Yoga, meditation and relaxation excercises. Ideal if you wish to "get away from it all" and rebalance the important things in your life.